Aerofabb Comp Series | Front Splitter (Toyota MK5 Supra)


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Looking for Front Splitter accessories or replacement parts separately? View our Front Splitter Accessories / Replacement Parts.



We are still extracting and compiling all data for presentation. We will have this available soon. Keep your eyes peeled for our Swan Neck Rear Wing Kit for the MK5 Supra within the next few weeks. All Competition Series components for this chassis compliment each other as a complete kit.



  • Front Splitter Blade
  • Chassis Mount Bracket System
  • Air dam
  • Stainless Steel / Aluminum Hardware



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  • End Plates

Our end plates with integrated dive planes help drive the aero balance forward. With a minimal drag penalty, vortices are generated and travel down the side of the car acting as a barrier by keeping high pressure air around the car from entering the low-pressure region under the car. 

  • Skid Pucks

Our skid pucks feature a low drag NACA profile and help protect your front splitter blade from making contact with the asphalt which can result in unwanted wear.



  • Fits Years 2019+ MK5 Supra
  • Increase front end downforce for better high speed stability and cornering
  • Powder coated bracketry
  • Air dam easily takes shape within a pre machined channel with locking teeth
  • No need to remove Front Bumper for installation
  • Feed your Rear Diffuser cleaner air
  • Pockets milled on top side to remove unnecessary weight
  • Pre installed press-nuts in all brackets
  • Pre dimpled holes and necessary countersinks on bottom side of splitter for optional add-ons
  • Easy blade removal with the use of press nuts
  • Designed within the "aero rulesets" for the most commonly entered competitive classes
  • Fully Optioned blade and all bracketry weighing in at roughly 16lbs


Minimally Intrusive Chassis Mounting System
Small windows are made by trimming the lower side of your front bumper allowing for the three forward mounting brackets to fit into place. The two remaining pedestals utilize a factory mounting location and hardware. 


Be fast and look good while doing it 
Just because its functional doesn't mean it cant look good :) When it comes to any product we put our name on, we take a lot of pride in our attention to detail, and this front splitter is absolutely no exception. Every aspect of the splitter blade has been accounted for during the design process. The material is beautifully machined with pockets, counterbores, countersinks, and chamfers where need be. Expect nothing but the best when it comes to fit and finish.


Front Splitter Kit Construction
The aerofabb® Competition Series Front Splitter blade is constructed from a 0.5", U.S. Made, lightweight , high-impact, UV resistant plastic. We have tested nearly every material under the sun and we believe this choice is superior over many other options like aluminum, aluminum composites, wood, and even carbon fiber for this specific application.


CFD Optimized Aerodynamics
Using ANSYS Fluent Software for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) we were able to optimize our design and validate its functionality. Please view the .pdf below for a in depth look at the performance and data of this product.