EQT MQB 1.8T/2.0T Front Subframe Locking Collar Upgrade Kit (Full Kit)

Equilibrium Tuning

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Equilibrium Tuning proudly introduces our Front Subframe Locking Collar kit for VWAG 2015+ MQB 4cyl platforms!


Factory steel stamped and aluminum subframes have 4 attachment points. VW/Audi leave these points loose for ease of assembly, and alignment during factory assembly. Many customers have heard a clunk from the subframe shifting during operation of the car. This clunk is apparent especially during shifting from reverse to park. Volkswagen put out a TSB and a "fix" for this issue that was only a band aid.

The power steering rack is attached to the subframe. With the subframe floating around this will change the alignment of the car. Also anytime you need to drop the subframe to fix or change anything on the vehicle you WILL need to realign the car due to placing the subframe in a different spot after work is performed.


With the use of the subframe locking collars it fills the void in the factory subframe that usually is the cause of the shifting. While filling the voids we are also replacing the rear factory brackets with our upgraded reinforced brackets. This will add rigidity to the subframe and take any flex out during hard launches.


  • Set the subframe in one place and never need to realign again after dropping the subframe

  • Locks the subframe securely to the chassis and keeps the car consistent

  • Little to no NVH added to the cabin


  • CNC-Machined Aircraft Grade Aluminum Locking Collars
  • CNC Machined Aircraft Grade Aluminum Reinforcement Brackets
  • Industry Standard Design for Both Upper & Lower Locking Collars
  • Includes New OEM Subframe Bolts
  • Improves Chassis Rigidity & Handling Performance
  • Addresses Volkswagen/Audi subframe knock
  • Does not add any significant NVH to cabin


  • EQT Aluminum Upper Subframe Locking Collars (Set of 4)
  • EQT Aluminum Lower Subframe Locking Collars (Set of 2)
  • EQT Aluminum Lower Subframe Reinforcement Brackets (Set of 2)
  • Factory Replacement Subframe Bolts (Set of 4)


  • 2015 - Present Volkswagen MkVII Golf/GTI
  • 2015 - Present Volkswagen MkVII Golf R
  • 2015 - Present Audi A3
  • 2015 - Present Audi S3
  • 2019 - Present VW Jetta GLI
  • 2016 - Present Tiguan
  • May fit other applications, please contact us to confirm fitment.