JHM Braided Kevlar Fuel Line Re-Route Kit - Audi C7 S6/S7/RS7


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Product Details

Elevate your Audi C7 S6-S7-RS7 4.0T's performance with our Kevlar Braided Fuel Line Kit, ensuring efficient fuel delivery through a direct route to each high-pressure fuel pump.

Why do you need this product?  We manufactured this product to address the inherent flaws in the OEM fuel system design. As demands for increased flow from your vehicle's fuel system grow, the limitations of the factory setup become apparent, leading to fuel starvation issues. The factory configuration employs high-pressure fuel pumps in series, resulting in pressure imbalances and uneven fuel distribution from Cylinder 1 to Cylinder 8. This imbalance can lead to fuel starvation, particularly in Cylinder 8 of the 4.0t engine.

The JHM Braided Kevlar Fuel Line Re-Route Kit resolves this issue by transitioning the fuel system to a parallel setup, ensuring both pumps receive an equal amount of fuel simultaneously. By doing so, we eliminate the common problem of fuel starvation in Cylinder 8, optimizing engine for performance and reliability.

This upgrade offers:

  • Improved Fuel Flow: Bypass the limitations of the factory setup with a more direct route to each high-pressure fuel pump, enhancing fuel flow.

  • Quick Installation: Swift and hassle-free installation with included fittings, eliminating the need for complex modifications and minimizing downtime.

  • E85 Compatibility: Crafted with PTFE (Teflon) lines, this upgrade supports both ethanol (E85) and gasoline, providing versatility in fuel options.

  • Kevlar Outer Braided: The lightweight woven Kevlar outer braid not only ensures exceptional durability and flexibility but also reduces the overall weight.

Vehicle Fitment

Audi RS7 C7-C7.5 (2014-Present) 4.0t V8 32v
Audi S6 C7-C7.5 (2013-Present) 4.0t V8 32v
Audi S7 C7-C7.5 (2013-Present) 4.0t V8 32v