MST Performance 6" Catted Downpipe - BMW/Toyota B58 3.0T

MST Performance

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Product Details

This is one of the highest-efficiency downpipes worldwide.

Suitable for BMW/Toyota B58 3.0 engine vehicles.

Bringing even more performance & exciting exhaust sounds to your vehicle.

Product Features

* Largest diameter downpipe for B58 worldwide

* 6" diameter Euro 6 400 cell catalytic converter

* No CEL guarantee

* Large diameter design gives you the same efficiency as straight pipes

* CNC adapter corresponding to largest diameter design turbos

* Dyno test results on stock vehicle, additional 18-25hp & 4kgm, also enhances performance for tuned vehicles.

* Suitable for 1000hp or more vehicles

* Greatly reduces exhaust pressures & temperatures

* Possesses both performance & cleaner exhaust emission

* Suitable for either stock or tuned vehicles

* We have versions for both GPF and non-GPF vehicles

Vehicle Fitment

2016+ F20 BMW M140i

2016+ F22 BMW M240i & M240i xDrive

2016+ F30/F31/G20 BMW 340i & 340i xDrive

2016+ F32/F33/F36/G22/G23/G26 BMW 440i & 440i xDrive

2016+ G30/G31 BMW 540i & 540i xDrive

2016+ G11/G12 BMW 740i & 740i xDrive

2019+ A90/A91 TOYOTA Supra

2022+ G42 M240i