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Reinforcement Brace

  •  iSWEEP Brace Center Floor Rear

    iSWEEP Brace Center Floor Rear

    The iSWEEP 3-piece Center Floor Brace connects the supporting region of the rear floor brace and the suspension trailing arms to increase chassis rigidity. By making the chassis stiffer in these areas, the suspension mechanism moves more liberally for a...

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  •  iSWEEP Brace Front Lower Bar

    iSWEEP Brace Front Lower Bar

    The iSWEEP Front Lower Arm Bar connects two points of the front subframe lower arm axis points, increasing the rigidity of the area. This bar also helps keep the correct alignment specifications at static, increasing steering response and traction during...

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  •  iSWEEP Brace Rear Member

    iSWEEP Brace Rear Member

    The iSWEEP Rear Member Brace attaches to the inner area of the rear sub-frame to provide dramatic rigidity to the pitch and roll motion of the vehicle. Keeping the rear alignment specs in tact by suppressing the twisting factory sheet metals present,...

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