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Shifter Bushing

  • Diselgeek Deluxe MK4 Shifter Bushing Kit

    All three cabin-side MK4 shifter bushing kits in one convenient, money saving kit! If your MK4 Shifter is sloppy you can buy this kit to get everything you need to make it nice and tight again! This kit includes the Dieselgeek First Gear Getter, the...

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  • Diselgeek Super Slider

    Diselgeek Super Slider

      Super Slider   Finally there is a high performance replacement for your stock slider or "friction piece" as VW calls it. Our CNC machined slider snaps onto your stock side to side bell crank's 10mm ball with a very gratifying SNAP!...

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  • High Performance VW Shifter SHAFT Bushing Kit

    High Performance VW Shifter SHAFT Bushing Kit

    Got a wobbly Shifter shaft? Replace those crumbling spongy rubber shifter shaft bushings with precision made, high performance Delrin VW SHAFT bushings. Our SHAFT bushings were designed to make your shifter shaft feel like it was directly connected to...

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  • Super Pin for MK7 Golf, Golf R and GTI

    Super Pin for MK7 Golf, Golf R and GTI

    We really love the new MK7 Golfs but the shifter has a couple of places where loose tolerances lead to less than stellar shifting. The result is that the Golf MK7 Shifter performance doesn't match the excellence of the rest of the car. Bring...

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